Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Months.....and finally an update!!!

Well we have been so totally busy!!! That is my only excuse....I am a terrrible blogger!! Things here in Terre Haute have been super crazy...we have softball ( this year we have all 4 girls playing), Allison ran track for the first time and Justin was finishing up with middle school(more about that in the next post). Justin also is joining the marching band at TH South High School. Yes...you heard me correctly...high school! I cant believe my oldest is going to be starting high school, it makes me feel old!!! It was a big decision because when you join the band you pretty much sign your summer over to the band. Band camp, mini band camp, and practices for percussion. Justin tried out for the drum line this year and is the only freshman to make it!!! He will be playing the bass drum(I guess that is the huge drum that is amost as big as he is). He has his first performance for parents on Friday June 19th, I will try to post pictures or maybe a video clip. Justin and Allison are also involved this summer with the Performing Arts Workshop for the Vigo County School Corp. Every summer, middle and high school students spend the whole month of June from 8am-12pm working on a stage production, this year the production is "Beauty and the Beast". They have a show choir, orchestra, band and of course actors. Allison and Justin chose to be "Techies" this year and are doing alot of behind the scenes stuff painting and art stuff. They love it!

Samantha is spending this summer doing Math Magic Academy, the month of June she will go M-F in the a.m. for math enrichment, she loves it, she says she loves to do algebra like the big kids. Rachel and Shelby are having a fun summer too, they just got done with swim lessons and Shelby will start summer school in July, don't worry, she CHOSE to go to summer school, not because she needed it becuse she wanted to! When Justin was eight, he begged for me to sign him up for summer school ! I am aware.... I have strange kids!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The best little store ever!!!

I have to take a minute and tell everyone how much I love WALGREENS!!!! That store is so small but they have everything.. We fill all our prescriptions there and had to pick one up for Allison yesterday. While waiting for it to get finished I found some great deals on hair bows and ties for my girls! $2 for a bag of scunci brand hair accesories! There were 7 or 8 items in each bag and then the best thing about it was I got to the register and they were Buy one Get one free! So instead of $2 it was like paying $1 for each bag!! AWESOME! I always find a great deal and its fun to shop while you wait!!! (can you tell, not much excitement in Indiana) LOL


Well the other evening Charles and I were watching TV and we looked out on the porch to see our dogs Champ and Buck going crazy and playing tug-o-war! Not thinking much of if(they do that all the time)we kept watching TV and then Champ started barking this really high pitched alarming bark that does when he needs to tell us something....Well, he needed to tell us that there was a possum on our porch and they had just played a great game of "POSSUM"tug-o-war. Poor thing, I don't think they wanted to hurt it but after we got the dogs in we waited and it couldn't move so Charles took it down the river bank. It was kind of sad watching it try to get away! One bad thing is they stink !!!!!!Hopefully the wild animals will stay off our porch!!

The "WORST" Bachelor Ever!!!!!

So I have watched the Bachelor since my pal Jenni got me hooked when she moved to Adelanto! I watch it every season and hope for the best outcome!! This season of the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick was completely out of control! After watching this seasons finale, I do believe that I AM DONE! What a complete waste. ABC wanted everyone to feel so bad for him because he was jilted by Deanna Pappasa last season. So we all watched as he "supposedly" found the love of his life in Melissa.....well that isn't the case, instead he had a change of heart and chose the runner up Molly. I think we all had compassion for him and he didn't deserve a bit of it. He is no better that Deanna and what she did to him last season. I try to tell myself I am done watching.....we'll see!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our 2 sided snowman!!

This is our 2 sided snowman that Shelby and Justin built! I guess they figured that we shouldn't be the only ones who enjoyed the snowman, everyone who drives by our house should see it too! As you can see, Rachel is not very happy, we called the other kids out to take a picture when Shelby and Justin were done and Rachel was less than impressed that they built it without her! Oh well, you snooze, you lose!!!


These pictures were taken on the 1st snow day my kiddo's had. We had alot of fun with the neighborhood kids! Whenever I take a group photo I make the kids be cute and smile on the first one, but then they can make a silly face. That is why one of the pictures the kids look so funny!!

Our 10 inches of snow!!!!

This is the snow we woke up to last week! Terre Haute, Indiana has not gotten this much snow at one time since 1987! It was a ton of fun and my kids got two snows days out of it!! The picture of the light post I really like, kinda cool!!