Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well the other evening Charles and I were watching TV and we looked out on the porch to see our dogs Champ and Buck going crazy and playing tug-o-war! Not thinking much of if(they do that all the time)we kept watching TV and then Champ started barking this really high pitched alarming bark that does when he needs to tell us something....Well, he needed to tell us that there was a possum on our porch and they had just played a great game of "POSSUM"tug-o-war. Poor thing, I don't think they wanted to hurt it but after we got the dogs in we waited and it couldn't move so Charles took it down the river bank. It was kind of sad watching it try to get away! One bad thing is they stink !!!!!!Hopefully the wild animals will stay off our porch!!


Judy Frost said...

I don't know what possum smells like...but I do know what skunk smells like...I hope it wasn't that bad!

Mandy said...

What a funny picture...and a hilarious story. Thanks for the laugh.