Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Months.....and finally an update!!!

Well we have been so totally busy!!! That is my only excuse....I am a terrrible blogger!! Things here in Terre Haute have been super crazy...we have softball ( this year we have all 4 girls playing), Allison ran track for the first time and Justin was finishing up with middle school(more about that in the next post). Justin also is joining the marching band at TH South High School. Yes...you heard me correctly...high school! I cant believe my oldest is going to be starting high school, it makes me feel old!!! It was a big decision because when you join the band you pretty much sign your summer over to the band. Band camp, mini band camp, and practices for percussion. Justin tried out for the drum line this year and is the only freshman to make it!!! He will be playing the bass drum(I guess that is the huge drum that is amost as big as he is). He has his first performance for parents on Friday June 19th, I will try to post pictures or maybe a video clip. Justin and Allison are also involved this summer with the Performing Arts Workshop for the Vigo County School Corp. Every summer, middle and high school students spend the whole month of June from 8am-12pm working on a stage production, this year the production is "Beauty and the Beast". They have a show choir, orchestra, band and of course actors. Allison and Justin chose to be "Techies" this year and are doing alot of behind the scenes stuff painting and art stuff. They love it!

Samantha is spending this summer doing Math Magic Academy, the month of June she will go M-F in the a.m. for math enrichment, she loves it, she says she loves to do algebra like the big kids. Rachel and Shelby are having a fun summer too, they just got done with swim lessons and Shelby will start summer school in July, don't worry, she CHOSE to go to summer school, not because she needed it becuse she wanted to! When Justin was eight, he begged for me to sign him up for summer school ! I am aware.... I have strange kids!!!

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Wendy said...

WOW! You have such talented children! It's soo cool!