Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The "WORST" Bachelor Ever!!!!!

So I have watched the Bachelor since my pal Jenni got me hooked when she moved to Adelanto! I watch it every season and hope for the best outcome!! This season of the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick was completely out of control! After watching this seasons finale, I do believe that I AM DONE! What a complete waste. ABC wanted everyone to feel so bad for him because he was jilted by Deanna Pappasa last season. So we all watched as he "supposedly" found the love of his life in Melissa.....well that isn't the case, instead he had a change of heart and chose the runner up Molly. I think we all had compassion for him and he didn't deserve a bit of it. He is no better that Deanna and what she did to him last season. I try to tell myself I am done watching.....we'll see!!!!!


JeN said...

Oh honey... Great post on the JERK!! I am SO DONE watching for reals.. This Dumb Jason ( that I loved before his idiot-ness) did it for me!!! No more bachelor for Jenni, you should join me in it.. sorry I got you addicted and now it turned out with such an idiot :)

Judy Frost said...

I agree! I'm glad that I only watched the last 2 shows...I happened onto the next to the last show on accident, so then I made myself watch the last show...Ugh!!!
I don't think I missed much.