Monday, October 27, 2008

Parades in Indiana are CHILLY!!

On Saturday, October 25 we enjoyed the ISU Homecoming parade. Both Allison and Justin were in the parade, Justin plays percussion for the band and Allison and Justin are on the Scholastic bowl team for their school. This year, the students are learning about Norse cultures and the Vikings. The students built a Viking ship for the parade. Allison is behind the ship, we sat on the wrong side of the street to see her but we did catch a glimpse of Justin and his big drum! I decided I better take a picture of the little ones, Sammie had a terrible time because it was so cold. There was a plus, Every parade entry throws candy to the spectators, we left before the parade was over because the kids bags they took to put candy in wouldn't hold anymore! Halloween came a week early for them!

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