Saturday, July 5, 2008


Happy 4th of July! Well we have been in Terre Haute for about 8 months and we haven't found too many positives about this place. Well it finally happened! Just about any fireworks you want, they have them here(and they are legal). We had a great 4th, we had some families from our ward over,we had a BBQ, and then the fun started! We headed over to the softball field across the road from our house and after 30 miutes of just sparklers(when you have 20 kids they take a while), we started the big guns. The guys started a great show! We got a few fountains but the best part was the big ones you can shoot off in the air. We got alot of compliments on the show from our neighbor! He wanted to know where we got the "commercial grade fireworks" we told him we just went to Sam's Club and got them there. As the show was winding down the older girls got a little distracted trying to do their best showgirl immitation. I'm thinking Allison's long legs might come in handy one day. We had alot of fun!


JeNnI said...

I am so proud that you FINALLY posted again.. I thought you were lost!!! I am glad you are learning to LOVE Indiana and had a great 4th... Sometimes It takes awhile to love where you live, haha

tren said...

Hi, Lorae. Remember me? I was thinking of you today and found this blog. I'd like to read more about how you all are. I have a blog, too, if you want to check it out.

Trenya Hopkins