Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are up and running!!

Well we are finally up and going on our blog! I have to thank Jenni Belew for doing it for me! We are excited to keep everyone up to speed with what's happening here in Indiana. All that I can say is I LOVE California! The midwest is definately not for us. Well I will get going on adding some pics soon!


Jill said...

Lorae you did it!!!! We are so excited to finally have you on the blog band wagon! Cute, we look forward to seeing your pictures of the family in Indiana. We miss you!

JeNnI said...

You even did your first post all by YOURSELF... I am so proud of you.. Im with Jill, we are excited to see pics of the fam in Indie... Welcome!!!

Smeltz Family said...

It's great to see you guys. It is nice to keep up with what everyone is doing even though we are far away. (of course you are a lot further)